Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer on the stairs

I know I'm constantly writing about the organization of my craft room...and that's of course because this project seems to go on forever and eternally, and that's of course because I have too much stuff. Too much! And too many books, and I was tired of my Ivar bookshelfs from IKEA that's been with me for 15 years or I threw them out (basement, that is). Now I'm stuck with piles of books everywhere, and I'm trying to think of a clever solution. After some hours of hard (?) work, I was back in the garden with my magazines and book and yarn... Our two garden staircases are fab, the two of them together are sunny from 07.00-20.00 in the evening, We're spoiled! 

I didn't get to start any project for real though, I'm trying to learn how to drive (after several failed attempts, but now I've started fresh with a different approach, it feels like I might make it this time...) and my friend came to practice with me. I'm also reading the theory like crazy, so it feels like that's what I should be doing, not crocheting or making paper flowers. But soon...

Here's some pics from my maybe-beyond-hope craft room. It IS getting better though. My scrapbooking stuff is almost under control, and all the sewing equipment had moved into a lovely, little drawer. 

Scrapbooking fun. My boyfriend gave me the mushroom lamp for my birthday once, I cherish it! 

My piano is not exactly playable at the moment. The sewing drawer can be seen in the back. It's second hand, from Fretex.

Piles of books need pretty flowers. In the back....the mess has spread to my living room. Next time I post photos from this unbearable state of misery, I promise there's some real progress. But, the prowess is fun also. Some garden photos tomorrow. Xoxo have a sweet, sweet evening! 

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