Thursday, July 17, 2014

Such a filled and happy day!

Though at low summer speed...but...I bought a Macbook pro today! Actually I bought it online two days ago, but today I picked it up. I've been going back and forth in my head a thousand times the last months about what to buy. Mac? PC? But deep in my heart I knew I wanted a Mac, I've been wanting one for years, but my old laptop was still functioning, and I didn't really have the money needed. But now it was time. I'm so happy! I don't regret for one second not buying a PC, though it would have been cheaper. I love my Mac. Loved it from the moment I turned it on. And as everybody knows, I'm too addicted to my iPhone and iPad, and it feels so convenient they now have a computer that speaks their language perfectly lol. All my Adobe programs are only at my computer at work still, but I will be able to work from home soon. I'm dying for Illustrator right now. I'm a beginner, but I'm constantly learning. I've now found all these great tutorials online. Must. Try. Them. Now!! Monday...then I'm back to work...

But, the day started with raspberries!

 I left my boyfriend early to clean my own place up for Saturday, I'm having friends from Germany for dinner:) 

New bed linen. Lots of cleaning. Then, music is needed. This is the cutest loudspeaker I know. Bought it at Åhlens in Stockholm last christmas. 

I've dug up my DSLR... I've haven't used it for so long, it's embarrassing. I love Hipstamatic and Instagram too much, but I will start photographing for real again really soon. 

Yesterday I made meringues for my friend's mum who's turning 70 this summer. Today they were ready to be put in boxes. Meringues are so easy, and the egg yolks that aren't used can be used for ice cream later. I will make a special post about both meringues and ice cream later. (I know I promised macaroons too, I haven't forgot!)

Then I went to pick up my Mac! (Tons of hearts!!!) 

Garden life! I'm most definitely a tree hugger. Trees are amazing. I always photograph them. And my salad is growing! (And so is everything else. I have carrots, onions, tomatoes... Crossing my fingers for everything!)

Today's crafting. I started this little Arne & Carlos-project yesterday, thinking it was fitting for summer. But after making the five flowers needed I loved them so much, and now I decided to make a huge blankets of only pink flowers. I'm terrible, I know. I already have another blanket, that is my eternal project. But one more will not kill me.... I also started making the lion. I made the pattern and cut the fabric for his head and body. I have to think about the mane. It's the crucial thing, it has to look really, really cool! (While writing now my keyboard started glowing. How fab is that? Love, love, love!) 

Finally I tried stamping on fabric, as seen in the latest issue of Mollie Makes. (In the mail yesterday!) I can't believe I've never thought of this myself, soooooo pretty! Looking forward turning it into a project.

Now we're just relaxing. (But we hear thunder and lighting coming. So exciting!) Tomorrow my dad's coming to visit and I'm practicing my driving with my friend. And the rest of the cleaning. Have a great evening!


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