Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Soon gone....

Trym and I went for a walk this afternoon. I knew about this house, that has been abandoned for years, but I've never been inside, I didn't feel like breaking in. Now, something was happening. Big posters said "New apartment houses to be build" and someone had started to strip the house down. Panels gone, windows gone, but still... once someones lovely home. Trym and I went to check it out, before it's too late. We passed by the fence (that ended in a dumpster), but then a lady in the house next door saw us in the overgrown garden and called for us. We thought "oh no, now she'll tell us to get the **** out of here". But she was the sweetest woman. We asked if we could have a look at the house, and she said "sure, no problem". Afterwards we had a chat, and she told us the house was build in 1921. Previous there was a smaller house on the estate. That makes sense, as Høybråten was originally populated with worker who sat up small cottages. When they later became more wealthy, in the 1920ies and 30ies, they either expanded the cottages, or build a new house. This one here, was lovely. The interior was ripped out, but the cosy kitchen was still pink, with layers of baby blue and light yellow. Maybe it's just an ordinary house, but soon it's gone, and with it a part of Høybråtens history, when we didn't build houses huge and luxurious, but were happy with kitchen, living room, and a bedroom up the stairs. 

And with the panel gone, the house revealed a secret. Originally it was even smaller. The part to the right, an extention to the living room, was added later. Goodbye house, glad we weren't too late! 

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