Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Smoothie and potato summer

Yes, still summer, though I'm back to work. It's so hot, I'm rushing home to embrace garden life again. Apples are on their way. Potatoes too. And I'm totally lousy at posing. 

I'm not in the running towards becoming some next top model! But I really wanted to show off the dress. I bought it second hand in Stockholm for 70 sek, it's originally H&M. I was tired and didn't feel like trying it on, neither the yellow dress that hung next to it, but the were both so cheap I was willing to take the risk. Both fit perfectly. So happy! 


No more posing. We gave in and did a photo strip instead! Boyfriend happy not having to photograph me any longer, ha! How is your summer? 

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Anne Lise Grindvold said...

Fine bilder og så nydelig sommerkjole! Og fotostripa av det søte unge paret.. funny og kos! Ha en fortsatt fin sommer! Klæm fra Ringsaker.