Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random today

I'm working on several posts about Stockholm, hopefully the first one will come tonight. In the meantime...random summer. I'm crocheting a knitting pattern. It works fine, tough knitting is "cleaner", the pattern is more visible, chrocheting moves more back and forth and always turns out a little abstract. I like that, wild gerilja chrocheting?! Also found a new brand of ice cream while out shopping boring milk and so...<3 

And btw...the Beatles-movie, based on Lars Saabye Christensens book is soon out. I saw the trailer, and didn't really like it, the girls looks so not 60ies and the script sounded full of cliches, but maybe I'm just a boring grown up. I loved the book when I read it as a teenager, and will of course watch the movie, terrible trailer and 2000ish hair regardless. It's set in the 60ies, that makes it interesting enough. Though the trailer was bad, I heart this picture. That boy's style...his hair, his clothes, how he looks down... Today's youth should take notes. Fountain pens and piano lessons to the world! 

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