Monday, July 14, 2014

Raccoon in the making

Yesterday I wrote about finally being able to sew again, after my craft room has been a (self started) mess for weeks. Now Raccoon is coming together, he's soon off to the dance with his friends, but the icing remains. Of course he'll get some stash and some accessories, I just haven't decided about his personality yet. What's for certain is...he's quite confused. Trym (my boyfriend) is making fun of me, as all the animals I'm making looks Iike this. Shabby and sorrow lol. Those of you who know my scrapbooking is not surprised. I never cut straight and I never make too many plans forehand.

Here's some of Raccoon's friends. Beaver listens to jazz. Swan is really vain, she's trying to get ready for the dance in time, but will she? Cat is more sensible. She's dressed up, but likes to be in control. Lion is up next, and miss Fox, now that the craft room is livable;) 

I will write a little bit about the sewing process of my animal friends. This is *not* a step-by-step turorial, but hopefully you'll get some useful tips. 

I start with sketches. Suddenly it all comes together and I feel really inspired. 

Then I make the pattern. To practice, I first made animals from existing patterns in books and magazines. When I broke the code and understood how an animal come together, it was time to start making my own. A real fun part is to pick the fabrics. Don't be afraid to play. I love to mix different materials, textures and patterns. Each part is drawn on the back of the fabric. I use a pencil, or there's also special fabric chalk. Leave room for the seams. During the process I lay the fabrics on top of each other to see how they work together. I felt something was missing from Raccoon's face, so I added fringes (actually, these are from the selvage (jarekant)!) and some cut outs from a sweater I customized. 

After the fabric pieces are cut, pin them together and sew. You can never use too many pins. Never! Don't rush this process, take your time around corners and bends. Some pieces in Raccoon's face are sew on from the front, like the eyes and forehead. I like the course effect of visible seams. 

The stuffing is another really fun part. Here the animal comes to life. Don't stuff too hard, but not too loose either. You'll feel it when your new friend is done. To stable my animals, I put a bag of sand in the bottom. It's totally needed as I'm a fan of big heads, and without the sand, they fall over. Next is the face, the small part of the eyes are fixed with glue dots. Glue dots - my best friend, even when sewing! Whiskers are made from scrappers floss and fastened with a knot inside the nose.

Face is coming together, all pieces must be fastened, head and tail put on....and Raccoon is very soon ready to join his mates. But as I said...the decorating remains. I will of course share when he's all done. 

BTW Some of the photos aren't top notch, sorry! The lightning was so bad and I'm using my phone, the SLR cable is left at work, so I can't get any photos out of my camera until the holiday's over. Hopefully, not yet lol. It's one more week:) 

Hope you enjoyed, xoxo 

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