Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quiet evening.....

Summer is ending, on Monday it's back to work for real, and I still have two more shifts to go at lovely Norway Cup, but today was my day off, I've been relaxing all day, eating tons of watermelon and the evening is still lovely, though not so hot as it was some days ago. Trym is back to work tomorrow, to meet a whole new group of children, I'm as excited as he is to hear about them, and I'm planning to stay up late today and get up early tomorrow, to really make the most of my spare time. Sunday we have no duties. But we do have ice cream in the fridge!

Evening shot from Fredrikstad last weekend. I really loved the colors and the angles. I'm working on the third Stockholm post, from Söder. Hope you all have a sweet evening! xoxo

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