Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paper flowers <3

Can you spot them? This book teaches you how to make the most beautiful paper flowers!

Templates, step-by-step and how-to instructions make it really easy. The only hard part is to choose which one to start with...

I tried this one. You can pick any colour you like, this was initially in green, but I really liked the yellow crepe paper. (Silk paper will also do, but after trying both, I prefer crepe, the texture is even better and it bends and shapes beautifully.)

Supplies: washi tape in matching colours, wires and stems. The stems I got from my mother in law several years ago, together with lots of old, strange craft material. Just a lucky coincidence, now they came to use. I wish I could tell you where to buy them, but I don't know...

Be sure to fasten every part securely. Lots of washi! I didn't and the centre fell out, had to rescue it with glue dots! 

Why do we need to make paper flowers!. Because they're so seriously pretty and fun. I dream of covering a whole wall if them....

"From paper to petal"can be bought from

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