Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oslo summer back then

Since this really has been the best summer in a very, very long time, I thought I'd share some back-in-the-days summer photos from Oslo - the great summer city! Trym and I haven't for one second regretted that we didn't travel anywhere this year. Sun, sea, swimming, ice cream....some things never change. Enjoy a little nostalgia trip!  (source:

                                                                  Crowing of Miss Oslofjord 1958

Løkenes, Asker (actually outside Oslo) ca.1890 

 Paradisbukta, Bygdøy ca.1930

 Swimming fashion ca.1930

Must have ice cream! Ca. 1940

 Uranienborgparken 1939

The photos below are from newspaper "Dagbladet" in a series called "Summerfaces" 1958:

More summer people:

Esso, Drammensveien 1960 

Frida Andersen posing on Abelhaugen, 1910. What a hat!

Enerhaugen June 1959

 cTwo photos from outdoor restaurant Pernille next to the National theater. 1961

 More swimming: Frognerbadet July 1956

Totally in fashion 1962


Karl Johans gate 1970

Oslo - the summer city, promotion poster drawn by Niels Røhder. 

I can never get enough of photos like these. How about you?
xoxo Have a lovely evening!!

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