Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lazy days

I'm working on the second post about Stockholm, in the meantime, here's my Yesterday:) It's so hot, and I'm loving every second of it. My craft room is coming together, in the evening that is, during the day, I have to be outside. We're totally relaxing in the garden, reading, I'm sewing again, as craft room is now accessible, Raccoon is in the making. Here's also the fabrics I picked for Lion, who's up next. Then miss Fox. Can't wait!!

Went for a run in the morning, don't feel too fit right now, but I bought new shoes in Stockholm, they're so light, and the colour is candy. I'm a terrible runner, but my shoes inspire me. Did some gymnastics on the grass afterwards, not to forget everything.

Raccoon! Never hold back on the pins at any stage!

Ordered new clothes.(LaRedoute). I'm totally picky and in no-fashion, so I can't just go out and buy something. When I finally find something I like, I'm ecstatic, as I love dressing up. Love shopping online, too, so convenient and non-exhausting. 

Random drawing. Though not finished yet;)

The book is fab, and even the binding is to die for! 

Out walking with Trym, buying candy for today's football. Found abandoned gate, house gone, so pretty and fascinating...

And I do admit I'm way to addicted to my iPad. And my phone too. Sigh! 

I'm one with the grass...

Frognerbadet<3 It was crowded, but so lovely. Didn't swim for too long, but finally! 

And nothing beats my bike. Even late in the evening I wear nothing but a really light dress and small shoes. Summer<3<3 

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