Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holiday blogging

Finally some time and inspiration! I promised to weekend-blog, then I've been lousy at that too, but now I'm off work for three full weeks, that means garden relax, strawberries, watermelon lush, hopefully some drawing, at least some crafting, more organizing, pretty magazines, and veggies. Lots of veggies! I've spend some days in Stockholm, I had too much sweets. Organic chips (yummi) is still chips, and the Eco chocolate is, well....chocolate;)

The Lily & Hannas Raw! Ice dream leave me with no regrets though. None, what so ever! I can't recommend it enough. Made in Sweden, made in Stockholm, with just natural ingredients, without lots of the stuff that keeps people with allergy away from ordinary icecream. Couldn't be better, will have to find out if it's possible to get here in Oslo as well. 

I will do several posts about Stockholm later, about my favourite places and shops and what-to-do, I literally crave that city at least twice a year, it's my fave place to travel. It's also a brilliant place for Eco friendly food and small, indipendent bakeries. (Yes, I'm going all natural at the moment, being more and more turned off by evil food industry). At Mariatorget I had tomatoes from Skåne, in a paper bag<3 Endless love!

So now that I'm back home, I of course went shopping... (My kitchen was kind of empty...)

I dream about growing my own veggies, bought books on the subject, will blog about that later too. In the meantime, some more shopping - for the craft room organizing. The birdie cups are so pretty, and they even come in pretty boxes, that of course can be re-used, as pretty! Forgot to write down the brand, promise to share later (I'm not at home at the moment. I'm with my boyfriend, moving in and out of the garden, as rain and sun can't make up it's mind. Schizophrenic weather!) The baskets are from Lagerhaus, so are the mats. The pink and blue glasses are second hand, the circus cup are Littlephant. The jar and the suitcase... Must check! 

This post is a bit random, I like that, I just got back last evening, need to catch up, and feeling inspired by new photos, watching architecture, shopping, running in the park, cycling in the forest.. It's really good to be back home, now I'm ready to realize all my plans, at a very convenient and non-stressful speed. I slipped into my foxy sweater today? My selfie-skills are useless, these kind of photos are what you gonna get:):) Have a brilliant Tuesday, I'll be back tomorrow. Xoxo

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