Thursday, July 3, 2014


I know I'm too really too late for this, I know I should have started early spring, but I didn't, so I plan a really hot July, and some autumn vegetables. In Stockholm I gave in to two books (could have got maaaany more lol) and I want to grow a garden in box, that would be a perfect size to start with. Yesterday, I went with my friend to the garden centre, now I've got everything I need, but the boxes... My boyfriend and I will soon challenge our carpenters skills. In the meantime, I got some pre-cultivated onions, the had to go into the earth, so they'll have their own flats in the meantime. 

Eco soil!

Organic pots, from Granit

Some pics from the garden centre: 

The roses were insanely pretty! I heart all flowers, grass, bushes, trees so much, I need them around me to be happy. That's why I don't live downtown anymore. Now I'm waiting for my onions to lead a happy life in the dark for a little while, then burst into life. 

Our garden is now a meadow. Peonies, lilacs and rhododendrons are out, now we let everything just grow freely<3 The watermelon we bought. Isn't melons summer's best treat? 

(And btw...I passed the car driving theory...really happy:):)

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