Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cottage weekend

Finally back blogging. I tried yesterday, but when my post was almost done, it disappeared, and I couldn't bear the thought of doing everything all over again, instead I went mad, wanting to trash and kick something lol. I was exhausted from monday, having worked with my hockey team till 23.30 in the evening. This week is filled with that work, but tomorrow I have a day off. It's good to get some finances for the new hockey season, but it wears me out... so if the worlds against me these days....I'm not able to take it;) 

Now I'm relaxing outside in my Happycat beanbag, posting photos from the most lovely weekend. Cottage holiday, swimming all the time (even diving, I'm practicing!), sleeping outside, then in the tent, back to the cottage, lots of cosy meals, watermelon, waffles and berries. Could it be better? 

Our camping spot was perfect, I even managed to find 20 centimeters of sandy beach. The rest was more like mud, but still a beach. We also dived and jumped from the cliffs later, and I didn't injure myself until I was getting back up, and didn't take it slow enough. Just bruises, nothing serious, I actually like being a little  beaten up during summer, then you really had fun. 

Next week I'm back to work for real, but it's still hot, we still have raspberries in the garden, and I'm planning to stay outside as long as possible. Have a really, really good day, will be back tomorrow! 

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