Saturday, July 19, 2014

Craft room update - finished!

Finally.... My craft room is ready (except from an empty wall that is to be filled with pictures). I'm really happy with the fact that I now have my supplies available on my workspace, not just placed around the house because it looks pretty. Displays can be fun, but I'm really into function first these days. Here's some photos of (almost) everything:

 Tags, washi, rope, and just a random basket for whatever project I'm working on, or just whatever. 

 Totoro is guarding my tools. 

The Marc Boutavant-suitcase holds my latest paperfinds. 

Moro Totoros guarding my paper rack. 

                                                    The little drawer holds all my sewing equipment. 

Don't ever hesitate to put a birdie on your suitcase. 

And don't ever hesitate to put some birdies in your yarn!

My camera collection remained intact from before the re-organizing. I guess I have even more photos to share later. Till then....xoxo Good night everybody!

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