Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quiet evening.....

Summer is ending, on Monday it's back to work for real, and I still have two more shifts to go at lovely Norway Cup, but today was my day off, I've been relaxing all day, eating tons of watermelon and the evening is still lovely, though not so hot as it was some days ago. Trym is back to work tomorrow, to meet a whole new group of children, I'm as excited as he is to hear about them, and I'm planning to stay up late today and get up early tomorrow, to really make the most of my spare time. Sunday we have no duties. But we do have ice cream in the fridge!

Evening shot from Fredrikstad last weekend. I really loved the colors and the angles. I'm working on the third Stockholm post, from Söder. Hope you all have a sweet evening! xoxo

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cottage weekend

Finally back blogging. I tried yesterday, but when my post was almost done, it disappeared, and I couldn't bear the thought of doing everything all over again, instead I went mad, wanting to trash and kick something lol. I was exhausted from monday, having worked with my hockey team till 23.30 in the evening. This week is filled with that work, but tomorrow I have a day off. It's good to get some finances for the new hockey season, but it wears me out... so if the worlds against me these days....I'm not able to take it;) 

Now I'm relaxing outside in my Happycat beanbag, posting photos from the most lovely weekend. Cottage holiday, swimming all the time (even diving, I'm practicing!), sleeping outside, then in the tent, back to the cottage, lots of cosy meals, watermelon, waffles and berries. Could it be better? 

Our camping spot was perfect, I even managed to find 20 centimeters of sandy beach. The rest was more like mud, but still a beach. We also dived and jumped from the cliffs later, and I didn't injure myself until I was getting back up, and didn't take it slow enough. Just bruises, nothing serious, I actually like being a little  beaten up during summer, then you really had fun. 

Next week I'm back to work for real, but it's still hot, we still have raspberries in the garden, and I'm planning to stay outside as long as possible. Have a really, really good day, will be back tomorrow! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Felix - the bald headed lion

A little weekend inspiration with a vintage children's book. (I know it's only thursday, but we're off to the cottage by the seaside now, won't be back till monday, so maybe just occasional blogging from my phone/tablet). 

I'm practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills, and are really inspired by vintage illustration and especially those for children, who are really colorful. I did share a post about it earlier, will post some more soon, but here is at least Felix, who is made fun of by the other animals, since he is bald. What can a poor lion do? Steal a hat! But the owners of the various hats doesn't approve (of course). But then Felix meets just the right woman... 
Will reveal the end of this Kenneth Townsend book (1968) later, I promise!

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oslo summer back then

Since this really has been the best summer in a very, very long time, I thought I'd share some back-in-the-days summer photos from Oslo - the great summer city! Trym and I haven't for one second regretted that we didn't travel anywhere this year. Sun, sea, swimming, ice cream....some things never change. Enjoy a little nostalgia trip!  (source:

                                                                  Crowing of Miss Oslofjord 1958

Løkenes, Asker (actually outside Oslo) ca.1890 

 Paradisbukta, Bygdøy ca.1930

 Swimming fashion ca.1930

Must have ice cream! Ca. 1940

 Uranienborgparken 1939

The photos below are from newspaper "Dagbladet" in a series called "Summerfaces" 1958:

More summer people:

Esso, Drammensveien 1960 

Frida Andersen posing on Abelhaugen, 1910. What a hat!

Enerhaugen June 1959

 cTwo photos from outdoor restaurant Pernille next to the National theater. 1961

 More swimming: Frognerbadet July 1956

Totally in fashion 1962


Karl Johans gate 1970

Oslo - the summer city, promotion poster drawn by Niels Røhder. 

I can never get enough of photos like these. How about you?
xoxo Have a lovely evening!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Smoothie and potato summer

Yes, still summer, though I'm back to work. It's so hot, I'm rushing home to embrace garden life again. Apples are on their way. Potatoes too. And I'm totally lousy at posing. 

I'm not in the running towards becoming some next top model! But I really wanted to show off the dress. I bought it second hand in Stockholm for 70 sek, it's originally H&M. I was tired and didn't feel like trying it on, neither the yellow dress that hung next to it, but the were both so cheap I was willing to take the risk. Both fit perfectly. So happy! 


No more posing. We gave in and did a photo strip instead! Boyfriend happy not having to photograph me any longer, ha! How is your summer?