Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring party

Long weekend (I'm off work tomorrow) and lots of blogging coming up. I want to share some photos from my spring party about a month ago. Flowers, candy and sunny weather, couldn't have been better. (This week has been totally exhausting, I really need a break now, so I found it best dreaming back to some relaxing times hehe... )

Parties doen't have to be expensive. I keep some spare chairs in the basements and move the rugs outside when necessary.

Flowers are the best for decorating. I'm crazy for flowers. The jars comes from my kitchen, jam, mustard.... And complete with washi tape. The crocheted flowers are made from Arne & Carlos' book "Håndarbeid fra hagen/Knit and crochet-garden" and some are just made freestyle. 

I will not deny I love being a little housewife. I love baking and making treats. One of my friends are allergic to gluten, so I made everything with her special flour, and it turned out very well. The muffins and chocolate cake have more sugar than flour anyway, lol:) The small flags are made with washi tape and pins. I will make a separate post with recipes, I realize I have several I love to share, that are really fast and easy. 

Hot party tip: Serve jelly! Everybody gets so excited. When we grow up, we stop serving jelly. Why? Don't! Keep serving! It's colorful and tastes brilliant, it brings all good childhood memories back. 

I wasn't any good at photographing my party guests, but it did manage one photo! Aren't they a lovely family? Stine, Kristin, Thea, Lykke, Luna...and Rabbit of course! 

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