Saturday, May 31, 2014

My chaos home...

Ok, I told you I was re-organizing my craft room and proclaimed everything was chaos. Well, now it really is. I've started to move books and materials out and about, moving the furniture, moving the carpets away, taking down curtains... I'm tired of everything being red and green, I need change. I'm also tired of my bookshelfs, they've followed me for twenty years, now it's time to organize my books differently. The photos above show my living room, who might go through some changes as well. Now it's s storage space. My animals are enjoying it in front of the tv;)

I also had a leakage in my kitchen, water all over and stress frenzy, Plummer due for final session on Monday (hopefully). Life totally unpredictable these days. And BTW never use Proff rørleggerservice!

For the craft room I bought two new pillows at Sprell, and two new pieces of furniture second hand. The bowl is IKEA, love the materials. I really need something like this to balance the floor, it is too new and mainstream, with no patina, nothing to fall in live with. I'm looking for a light blue carpet, but no luck. All carpets are beige and brown and grey. Zzzzzzzzz. So, I'm experimenting with blue curtains (below). Yesterday I found a light pink plaid at Åhlens, and the stripy one is an old favourite. I can't do anything with how the room is build, so I will try to any cheap, modern flaw.... I know, I'm really picky and a bit weird!

No concrete plans for how it all will end up. Shelfs are down, piano moved. But one thing is for sure: I really, really want a lamp like this! I've read it can take 100W! 

Tonight there will be a post about macaroons...:)

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