Friday, May 16, 2014

In the need for speedy sweets?

Tomorrow is May 17th, our constitution day, so lovely, it means good times with friends and family, eating lots if ice cream and strawberries, and even more treats, like these chocolate yummies. If you feel like doing something quick and easy for tomorrow that really looks pretty, it's not too late, though it's eight thirty in the afternoon. 

You need:
Chocolate, white and brown, whatever you prefer. Pick the one for baking, it melts more easily. Don't fall for the temptation of buying the cheaper kind. Just don't! It won't melt at all! It turns into a hard rock, then you'll try everything to make it work. I ended up cutting myself on a broken glass bowl, lots of blood, then I fainted on the floor, but that's a different story;) Of course, I'm all fine now, but mark my words! Don't buy the cheap chocolate! Don't! (You don't have to buy the crazy expensive either. Just buy the normal one.)

The other thing you need is sprinkles. Lots of it. In all the nicest colours. My sprinkles are mostly from Lagerhaus, fab Swedish interior shop.

Then you just melt the chocolate, put it out on the moulds with a little spoon, or just on baking papers if you don't have a silicon mould. Wait a few minutes before sprinkling the sprinkles, then let your candy rest until tomorrow. 

Don't worry if they look a little weird before sprinkling. Sprinkles are your friend. They hide everything. And one more thing, the white took longer to harden than the brown.

Happy May 17th:)

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Anne Lise Grindvold said...

Popper innom en snartur for å ønske deg en fantastisk strålende fin 17 mai sammen med din kjære!