Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm officially a weekend blogger!

I've been sewing a lot lately. I've been decorating for party, travelled, cooked....but I didn't blog in a month, though I really want to share. There's not enough time. I'm Instagramming my 365 and it's really convenient, but the blog... If I want to blog, there must be some continuity. I can't constantly feel bad because "I should be blogging every day, or at least really often if there's any use to it". And then, it doesn't happen.  So, after giving it some though. I've decided to blog every weekend. During weekends I feel extra inspired, and I have a lot more time at my hands. Like today! I started by writing about sewing. This is what this post really is about. Some weeks ago I started sketching out some new animal friends, but again, where's the time? By now, they're slovely and steady emerging from my sewing machine. I started with Swan, she spoke to me the most, and while she developed, I realized she was going to the ball. Then, of course the rest of her friends are going to the ball as well. Swan, Cat and Beaver is ready. Lots of more fauna to go. (Yay for scrapbooking supplies and old Barbie gear!)

I've made the patterns myself and I never know exactly how my new mates will turn out. That's the fun part. There's always lots of adjustments along the way. I made paws for Cat, then ditched them when I realized they didn't look right. Stuffing is really fascinating. That's when the animal gets its shape and life. Finally, accessorizes are the icing. It's really gem, mix and match colours and textures, it's like scrapbooking on fabrics. Swan is really girly. A bit vain, soft, with bling and flowers. Cat is more sensible, likes colour, walks her own way. Beaver likes jazz music. He found his tie in his dad's locker. Prima! I'm not planning to sell any of my animals at these point, I make them for my own enjoyment and want to keep them as I like it a lot, I don't have an Etsy-shop now, and I haven't planned any tutorials, but it could do that later, if anyone wants to learn how:) 

I've never attended any sewing classes, I've learned some in school, after that I've just tried and failed a lot. I've put together some advice for sewing lovers that often feel confused, like myself. 

1. Don't be afraid to try. Make a sample in a worn out or cheap fabric, just to see how your idea turns out. It will make a lot of pieces fall into place. 

2. Copy patterns from books or online. Then, when you understand how they work, you can start making your own patterns. 

3. Play with fabrics of different textures, not just cotton. Wool, felt, linen, leather-try to figure out what would best fit "the mood" of the item you're making. Play with colours and patterns too. Mix something you never thought would work, and amazingly, it often does. 

4. Don't rush. There's no detours in sewing. Be accurate when measuring and cutting, make sure all seams are fastened, set you sewing machine on a low speed so you don't loose control. Use lots of pins! Pins are your friends! 

5. Set up sewing dates with your friends. It's so much fun and totally inspiring crafting together. The most mysterious pattern makes much more sense when you're two. 

Where to start? Pretty fabrics can be bought online, and of course, and in one of my favourite places:

For craft magazines, there's plenty, but I heart Mollie Makes the most. All back issues can be purchased in AppStore, and they have a great blog. 

Happy crafting, I'm now modifying patterns for Rabbit and Raccoon, after having experienced Beaver, and how he turned out. 

Love Tove

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I should do some sewing party and invite you)) great post!