Sunday, May 25, 2014

DIY Light string

Turn your old lamp shades into a lovely light string. This tip is picked up from Family Living, the one and only interior magazine that's worth reading ( I didn't have shades in all the pretty colours they used (see photo below) but instead I used coloured bulbs. 

I dug into my Christmas decorations, the first strings I tried were not powerful enough, no light shone through, but second try was successful. Just pull the bulbs through the top of the lamp shades, as many as you like. To hang it I used pink ribbon and I even did some extra embellishing. The rose ribbons are scrapbooking accessories and I think they are so pretty. I'm really excited to put them to good use where I can actually see them, not just hide them in an album. 

I'm planning move it into my craft room when it's finished. It's now total chaos. I've started the re-organization I was writing about....without a plan on how it will end up. Too exciting:D In the meantime, I will always have my new light string<3

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