Sunday, April 6, 2014

Helsinki album

Finally, since the pictures have been organized and ready since late September....
I already made the Helsinki album with random photos, but these are all the cinemas, in action or closed down (yes, I'm a nerd) but the photos just never materialized into a finished project. Helsinki is a lovely city, I was there during the fall last year, first visit was in 1999. I made a separate cinema album for my Berlin photos, and I wanted to do it again. I wanted to make the album from scratch, and I wanted sort of a rough feeling to it. First I gathered my supplies (as all good tutorials tells you to!),

I found the paper for my cover, planned the number of pages and folded everything over. I made two holes and tied the whole thing together with some nice piece of thread. This works if the album is not to thick. Otherwise, I use bookbinder tape and washi tape. 

Then I decorated the cover, added the photos and also some extra pages to get a less structured feeling. Washi tape is again my friend. 

I haven't done all the writing yet, will add more history, but I prepared the pages with paper, and tape for the headlines. On the inside cover I dated the photos and on the back of the album the time it was made. Each cinema got one or two pages each, depending on how gem it was. (Except from the magnificent 30ies cinema "Rex" who got FOUR pages, ha!) The writing is done by hand, with pencil. 

Paper: Red, green squares-Crate paper, yellow-Cosmo Cricket, blue stripes-October Afternoon, album page-Becky Higgins. Other-different scraps.
Tag:Chic Tags, button, letter, bird: October Afternoon, rub on: Basic Grey. 
The rest is unknown.
I've drawn the title with pencil, the frame with colour pencil, and inked the edges with a white stamp pad. 

I'm really happy to finally get this done, and that I'm scrap booking again. What is your project? I definitely have more photos from holidays on hold...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekend treat

I have no idea if I should blog in Norwegian or English, I'd like to use English for my foreign friends, but I'm not that skilled in English food terminology. Will try still! These pancakes are made with Kesam, genius stuff, looks and behaves like sour cream, but it's really a kefir cheese called kvarg. You can use it for salad dressings, for taco, fajitas, and when you're baking too. I love the slight sour taste of these thick pancakes (lapper in Norwegian). Very simple to throw together, here's the recipe:

3 dl Kesam 
2 eggs
5 tablespoons/ss flour
3 tbls/ss sugar
2 teapoons/ts baking soda/bakepulver
1 teaspoon/ts vanilla sugar/vaniljesukker

The Kesam goes into the bowl, together with the eggs, then the flour and then the rest. Mix it all together. I use two small frying pans, middle heat (don't be tempted to turn the heat up, it's really important to be patient in the beginning unless you like your pancakes black). A little butter in the pan and the pancakes won't stick. I use approx. one tablespoon stir pr. pancake. Fry on one side till they let go, then turn carefully and keep frying the other side till it's done. 

I'm trying to live a little healthier, and this is a really good snack when I crave sweets. I keep them in the fridge and heat them in the microwave if I don't eat all of them at once. Taste brilliant with jam, cheese, sugar, honey; whatever you feel like. 

Happy weekend, I have a scrap booking project going on, will share tomorrow!