Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year!

This was the year when I finally learned to drive, when I started blogging for real, started scrapbooking and photographing again and got my mojo back. I've put together some favorite random photos from my year, starting in spring, then of course it all escalated when I bought my Mac and it all became oh-so-much-easier. 

I really was inspired to start serious blogging in late springtime. I felt I had a lot I wanted to share, both from my travels, from my kitchen and from everyday life. I'm really happy for everyone who's reading, if I can inspire just a little tiny bit, I'm very happy. I'm also blogging for me, myself, as a diary to look back on and recall what I've been up to. I wish to be more aware of what's going on in my life, not just rush back and forth. I have plans and goals for 2015, but I'll write about them later. I also have plans for my blog, and I'm really looking forward to realize them. 

I want to wish you all a very happy celebration tonight and the best year in 2015. Don't hesitate, just do what your heart desires!

xoxo Tove

Some spring photos. The beach picture are actually from April. Then I went on a one day-trip to Berlin, and experienced magnificent abandoned places. 

The fruit trees blossomed and I was gushing. Then I went to photograph inside The National Theater. God Awsome! 

Then came the heat! Frognerbadet is one of my favorite summer places. 

Norwegian Wood festival, Arcade Fire. Next years festival will be even better!

I was organizing my craft supplies and visited inspirational places, like the small cafe at Hovedøya. 

In late June I spend some days in Stockholm, the city I heart the most. I want all the Littlephant-bags, how can I choose? 

Summer holiday. I bought a Mac, finally, and brought it home:):):):):)

Everyday glimpses, pink dishes, photo shoot with summer dresses, then back to work again. 

But a trip to the cabin by the sea couldn't have been better during the weekend. Then I celebrated my birthday. 

I was driving and driving... And we bought a car! 

Back to work is not at all bad, we went to Bruxelles, and then ran in Avløpet, getting having the best time. Relays cannot be recommended enough!

Looking after the kid and the teenager and making crazy cake. Then I harvested my tiny crop. 

Fall approaching. The chill and the colors made me happy. 

More wild kitchen action. 

Then, finally....!

Inspiring stuff:)

Driving home from work every day, couldn't be better. The first frost saw me in Converse for the last time in 2014. 

Scrapbooking again, and decorating my alternative christmas tree. 

And winter is here for real. It's snowy and cold and so totally gorgeous wherever I turn. I wish it will last, that the new year continues in this really preferable matter. 

So, in the end, there's one last thing I want to share. Here's my little friend. I didn't think he would leave me already, but life moves in those ways you don't expect. Love you loads and loads! Your pictures are on the wall with me.