Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my life is starting over lol*

now my thesis is finally in print, yahoo, I'll pick it up tomorrow and hand it over to our institute, then I'm officially done!! it feels really, really strange not having bad concience when I'm doing something I feel like doing, instead of schoolwork;)
finally summer is here also, at least it's very hot, and I'm so thankful it's possible to wear less clothes and tiny shoes FINALLY!! (I was getting desperate....) on monday I'm having a I-finished-my-master-degree-party in my garden, so it would be really nice if the sun would keep shining!

here's some flea market shopping from two weeks ago! both the game&watch games actually work, I'm really excited, I assume I'll soon be hooked, that's my childhood coming back! love you nintendo*****

these days I'm relaxing, eating ice cream and preparing new projects. I'm writing an article about cinemas in Oslo that are now gone, and on sunday I'll be at that market at Blå, selling my stuff:) come come, I promise colour and sweet items*

hope you all have a lovely springtime, hugs xoxo


Nora said...

Åh, så utrolig deilig å være ferdig med masteroppgaven da, gratulerer så mye!! :D Flink du er:D

Thinkie said...

'Berlin heute' should changes it's title, looking at the photo on the front it isn't fitting anymore ;-)
We have a supernintendo (and a nintendo 64 that I got from someone who bought a newer type), I rarely have time to play with them but it's so much fun when I do!
I hope your party will be fab! Congrats on finishing!