Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm back...and it's snowing today!

we had such a great cottage-time* made open air pancakes and just relaxed! now it's back to reality... since it's snowing today, I want to share some cosy photos I took some weeks ago. Inspired by Elsies tent, I wanted to make a little fairytale when my boyfriend came home from work! we later sat in our pink tent and had a little picnic:)
now, I will write and write for two weeks, to add the finishing touches to my degree, and then I hand it in! it's a bit scary, and very exciting! will try to blog a little bit every day, to stay inspired.
I have also randomly drawn the giveaway. Congrats Thinkie! send me your adress, kastanjepiken@hotmail.com, and I will send you your prize:)
Have a great day everybody, hopefully, this was the last touch of winter for now...


Christine said...

åååh, misunnelig! jeg vil også henge ting i taket :D så koselig!

Thinkie said...

YAY, I won! Thanks! I'll mail you later tonight when I'm back on the pc (I'm on the laptop now)

those photo's are magical!

Good luck with finishing your writing!

Thinkie said...

Tove I used the cookie cutters last week and just did a blogpost about them!


Thanks again! I'm planning on using the little candles tomorrow, on cupcakes for a picknick we're having to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!