Friday, May 7, 2010

happy friday!

omg, today I have some super inspiring photos from my favourite interiour magazine, family living. these swedish girls really know everything about style, sigh*

as you know, I couldn't be more retro happy at the moment, the blue and brown togheter is awsome! I also want to share some summer photos:

don't you want to live in a tree house too? the colours are candy yummi, so inspiring! I'm having my last day at work for a while, next week I'll be off, to work at my thesis at home. I'm soon there, very soon.... My desk is really inspiring, I get a special feeling from working on the red table top.... (you can see it in the background of my blog header). tomorrow I'm taking a little break from school duties, to go to two flea markets! so excited! hope you have a beautiful weekend, all!!

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Ladybastard said...

I want to live in a tree house *_*