Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wednesday giveaway**

it's the last wednesday of april, and time for wednesday giveaway* I'm sending off the über-cutest Lisbeth Dahl candles and cookie cutters anywhere in the world, so play along! I wish for you to comment on todays post, and also tell as many as you like about my blog. (I want to spread happy colour vibes to the world. unfortunately, elsie & c/o has already taken the best slogan ever; we're taking over the world and making it cuter", so I have to think of something else lol)
anyway, post until the end of the week, that means I will randomly draw a winner on saturday (may 1st.)

today it's raining, but the air smells so good, like spring! I'm playing floor hockey tonight, and is also preparing to sell my handmade goods on the Blå market in late may. will keep you posted about that. (Søndagsmarkedet på Blå) now I'm making cute little labels and is figuring how to showcase everything in a sweet and appealing way.
what are your plans for today? I'm almost organized at home now, but my scrapbook stuff is still at my store, and will need to fit in nicely somehow. don't know how yet.... one of the days, I will bring my large, pink, wheeled tote home, and start working lol
btw tomorrow will be more lay-outs*
xoxo Tove*


Cafemocca said...


Da har jeg reklamert litt for candyen din på bloggen min, og det er jo ikke vanskelig for man blir jo glad av å lese innleggene dine! :)

Thinkie said...

cute! I envision a batch of freshly baked Cupcakes standing in a line with those candles on top of them!