Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new lay-outs!

finally* I've been scrapbooking on and off this spring, mostly during crops, and I'm in total retro mood! here's me, the title says "I'm your little houswife", meaning I like to cook and make it cosy for my man! I guess there's a housewife trend going on, I see it on different blogs and in magazines. I have to say, I have been feeling like one for quite a while, and I love it. I enjoy making my place a nice home! (my boyfriend and I choose not to live together, so at my place, I can do whatever I like, at his place, he cooks and cleans. it's really the best and most exciting solution, we never grow tired of eachother!) (paper: basic grey, sassafras, letters:thickers, october afternoon,paper roses: cosmo cricket, rose: prima, tags: tovetyll)

This is Stockholm-photos, Flickläroverket på Sveaplan, the first public school in Sweden were girls could graduate and get the necesarry exams to go on to study at the University. It openend in 1938, if I remember correctly. Now it's not a college anymore, but at higher level education for social workers and so. the building is a dream for everyone who loves functionalism, sigh, it's been restored and is so well taken care of. every detail is given thought, and one of the original architects even contributed to the restoration in the 90ies, at that point he was 94 years old!! all the changes that are made to the building are reversable, so it can all go back to it's original form at any time. amazing!!! no wonder these were the first photos I scrapbooked when I got back from Stockholm!! (paper: cosmo cricket, sassafras, letters: cosmo cricket)

winter photos of my red hair. I luuuuurve old 70ies glasses, these are bought second hand in Berlin* (the photos are not real polaroids, I print them at home, and leave the white strips...) (paper: sassafras, letters: october afternoon, film strip: tim holtz)

more Stockholm, these are images from Södermalm, an old working class area that are now filled with fun, little stores, cinemas, cafès and the likes.... I like the mood of Söder a lot, you can just walk the streets up and down and always discover something new! (paper: cosmo cricket, sassafras, letters: cosmo cricket, rose: prima, rub-on: sassafras, tag: tovetyll)

do you like them? i have more to share soon, need to edit the photos first!
today I paid a little visit to the University, I learned that as soon as I feel my work is finished, I can just hand it in, and I will have my degree... (well almost, there's also an oral test, but that's just to talk about what I have written, I don't worry much about it). it feels strange to be so close, and still, I feel there's a lot of things in my paper I want to change, before I declare myself finished.... weird!! I'm planning a little party when it's all over, I feel I deserve cake and ice cream by then.
I also have a new blog feature, wednesday give-away! the last wednesday of every month, there will be a giveaway (yay, you guessed it!) wednesday are middle week boring, we need something extra to cheer us up! stay tuned tomorrow**


Beatemor said...

Herlige retro layouter! Velkommen tilbake til bloglandia, og håper oppgaveskrivingen går som planlagt!

Ladybastard said...

OMG you're scrappin' a lot!! This is so good! you are so inspiring to me ^_*

Thinkie said...

we visited södermalm in Januari 2009 and saw some pretty old streets there (and great views!).
Great lo's and I like the blog makeover! Good luck with finishing your degree!

Lene - Nabon said...

åååå, digger alle sammen! HusmorLoen var bare så kul!

Flott å se nye loer fra deg!

LilleAsk said...

Det ar en real opptur på en tung uke å se nye layouter fra deg.
Takk for tipset på messa om butikken i 2 etg på Arkaden. Skal innom der i morgen etter jobb:oD