Monday, April 26, 2010

new desk means lovely chaos!

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend carried my new desk home, together with the red chair, that I already heart so much! lovely, lovely, but it also means that my place is MESSED UP lol and I seriously need to go through all my stuff, to see what I really need and what I can store at my mum's... that's actually a really good feeling, I like to clean up my life and get some overview!

below is my flat with the old desk...

as I wrote earlier, I love it a lot as well, but I love the new one even more!! the new one is also smaller, so it will give me more air!

new desk+big mess+lots of stuff on early morning cell phone photo. Now, I realise my tv-table doesn't fit with the desk at all.... maybe it has to go as well?? ha ha maybe everything has to go... will keep you posted!


Cafemocca said...

å så fin pulten var!!!

Det er artig med nye ting, og særlig om man finner dem på loppis både fordi man finner ting med sjel og pga fiiiiine priser på loppis :)

Å rydde pga man har fått noe nytt er jo bare gøy så kos deg med det :)

Thinkie said...

Cool, you have a Miffy collection! Did you know she's originally from the Netherlands and that Dick Bruna has his own museum in Utrecht? She's called Nijntje here.