Sunday, April 25, 2010

happy sunday*

some fun I found in Stockholm* (I was there about a month ago wheeeee!)
hope colours and the good old style will put you in a good mood! this all reminds me of amelie...sigh*
me and my boyfriend went fleamarket-shopping againg today, sundays are even better than saturdays, as everything is so cheap, and the market is less crowded. anyway, yesterday I spotted this really cute, 70ies desk (or maybe late 60ies...). I wanted to take it home, together with my red chair, but came to my senses and waved goodbye to it. I assumed it should have been sold by today, but no, the desk was still there, waiting for me. it was destiny, right? I couldn't do anything but take it home. of course, yesterday I was so reasonable, thinking I already had a good working table that I like a lot....and that there's no way I can fit in one more piece of furniture in my small flat. today, I have decided to put my already existing table away for a while, changes are good. I'm a girl who grow tired of things quite fast, I need to re-decorate, so that's what I till do. promise to give you before and after pics, and of course the desk itself! (still no cable, will go home tonight I think, then there is hope!) (btw I want get rid of the old table, just store it for some time, so don't worry, it want be sad, thinking I don't love it anymore!)
did you do anything fun this weekend? I've had the entire saturday AND sunday off with my boyfriend, we have been so lazy, doing what we feel like all the time, it so good just to be together! do you like flea markets? what do you usually shop? I'd love to hear your stories!

don't you just love old mechanical toys? I do!!!:))

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