Friday, April 30, 2010

camera love*

I seem to have developed an urge to do analogue photography again! I have an old Kodak Brownie 127 (like the one on top) from my aunt, and I have my mothers old Kodak instamatic 126 (bottom, similar to the one in the second to last row). trouble is, they don't use the standrd 135mm film, and now I'm searching the net to buy some old rolls. probably they won't work, but I've already found some tutorials on how to use the old spools or cartridges and transfer the 135 to them. hope it works out! hte instamatic is my childhood camera, it takes square photos, and I used it whenever I went on holiday or went horseback riding. that means, the film must have been available until the late 80ies, at least. does anyone know when it dissapeared?
the film comes in a closed cartridge that you just place into the camera, and voila, ready!
if all fails, I have also borrowed my fathers old SLR, that works with 135mm!
I have a new, automatic SLR, but it's no fun, then I can just keep photographing digitally! (which I also love!)
I also have two polaroids that are impossibe to find fitting film for, and a newer polaroid, green lol, that I will buy some film for as soon as I am a little richer;)
last, but not least...I have a very strange little camera...I don't even remember it's name, but the films were circle shaped, and the negatives are also attached to a circle when developed! fun! it wasn't on the market for long I think, will find out more details when I get home.
are you addicted to cameras as well? what was your childhood camera love?
(btw the paper with the trees are from Norway Design...but I'm not sure about the brand! will check it out!)


Christine said...

aps kamera du tenker på? det fremkalles enda hvertfall :) 126 film lages ikke lenger, og jeg tror ikke noen fremkaller det mer, så du må nok se om du klarer å få brukt 135mm film på de :)

borghild said...

de som kan fremkalle 120 film kan nok også fremkalle 126 film.. bare spør om de kan opne kasetten og legge selve filmen i en 120 boks... det funker ihvertfall med fremkallingsmaskinen vi har på skolen...