Friday, April 30, 2010

off for the weekend:)

Here's my little house, I live in the "cube" to the right:) suddenly I'm off to our cottage with my boyfriend + family, I love it there, can't wait to get in the car and drive off! will be back monday, and will end the giveaway then, so anyone who's visiting during the weekend, don't forget to comment on the post below.

btw, I'm really with how my hair colour turned out! see you in a few days, hope you all have a great weekend**

camera love*

I seem to have developed an urge to do analogue photography again! I have an old Kodak Brownie 127 (like the one on top) from my aunt, and I have my mothers old Kodak instamatic 126 (bottom, similar to the one in the second to last row). trouble is, they don't use the standrd 135mm film, and now I'm searching the net to buy some old rolls. probably they won't work, but I've already found some tutorials on how to use the old spools or cartridges and transfer the 135 to them. hope it works out! hte instamatic is my childhood camera, it takes square photos, and I used it whenever I went on holiday or went horseback riding. that means, the film must have been available until the late 80ies, at least. does anyone know when it dissapeared?
the film comes in a closed cartridge that you just place into the camera, and voila, ready!
if all fails, I have also borrowed my fathers old SLR, that works with 135mm!
I have a new, automatic SLR, but it's no fun, then I can just keep photographing digitally! (which I also love!)
I also have two polaroids that are impossibe to find fitting film for, and a newer polaroid, green lol, that I will buy some film for as soon as I am a little richer;)
last, but not least...I have a very strange little camera...I don't even remember it's name, but the films were circle shaped, and the negatives are also attached to a circle when developed! fun! it wasn't on the market for long I think, will find out more details when I get home.
are you addicted to cameras as well? what was your childhood camera love?
(btw the paper with the trees are from Norway Design...but I'm not sure about the brand! will check it out!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

thursday lay-outs

some more lay-outs from a little earlier this spring:):)

I'm as always in total love of the 70ies. this is my curtains and my bags! I love the trees, they remind me of my childhood lego!

I guess everybody know by now that I have a serious cinema-crush! this is Tellus, located in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. so small and cute, it's run by a local group who also hosts a cafe, festivals and different happenings. great initiativ, they were crucial in saving the old cinema (bio!) from beeing shut down. (paper:cosmo cricket, letters:ovtober afternoon, birdcage:hambly)

just to prove that I'm not entirely retro scrapping lol here's my lovely bunny, he's so sweet, sigh* love him love him love him! actually I don't remember who made the dotted paper, but I'll try to remember everything else... (flower paper: sassafras, letters:american crafts, pebble & flower: prima, rub-on: october afternoon)
I'm cleaning everywhere now, soon soon done, photos of my place will come during weekend! I also dyed my hair today, just a little more blonde than white, maybe I don't want to bleach it to come of that as well. later today, I'm off to my mum to go through my stuff there, both fun and boring:p
don't forget the giveaway below, you have until friday night*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wednesday giveaway**

it's the last wednesday of april, and time for wednesday giveaway* I'm sending off the über-cutest Lisbeth Dahl candles and cookie cutters anywhere in the world, so play along! I wish for you to comment on todays post, and also tell as many as you like about my blog. (I want to spread happy colour vibes to the world. unfortunately, elsie & c/o has already taken the best slogan ever; we're taking over the world and making it cuter", so I have to think of something else lol)
anyway, post until the end of the week, that means I will randomly draw a winner on saturday (may 1st.)

today it's raining, but the air smells so good, like spring! I'm playing floor hockey tonight, and is also preparing to sell my handmade goods on the Blå market in late may. will keep you posted about that. (Søndagsmarkedet på Blå) now I'm making cute little labels and is figuring how to showcase everything in a sweet and appealing way.
what are your plans for today? I'm almost organized at home now, but my scrapbook stuff is still at my store, and will need to fit in nicely somehow. don't know how yet.... one of the days, I will bring my large, pink, wheeled tote home, and start working lol
btw tomorrow will be more lay-outs*
xoxo Tove*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new lay-outs!

finally* I've been scrapbooking on and off this spring, mostly during crops, and I'm in total retro mood! here's me, the title says "I'm your little houswife", meaning I like to cook and make it cosy for my man! I guess there's a housewife trend going on, I see it on different blogs and in magazines. I have to say, I have been feeling like one for quite a while, and I love it. I enjoy making my place a nice home! (my boyfriend and I choose not to live together, so at my place, I can do whatever I like, at his place, he cooks and cleans. it's really the best and most exciting solution, we never grow tired of eachother!) (paper: basic grey, sassafras, letters:thickers, october afternoon,paper roses: cosmo cricket, rose: prima, tags: tovetyll)

This is Stockholm-photos, Flickläroverket på Sveaplan, the first public school in Sweden were girls could graduate and get the necesarry exams to go on to study at the University. It openend in 1938, if I remember correctly. Now it's not a college anymore, but at higher level education for social workers and so. the building is a dream for everyone who loves functionalism, sigh, it's been restored and is so well taken care of. every detail is given thought, and one of the original architects even contributed to the restoration in the 90ies, at that point he was 94 years old!! all the changes that are made to the building are reversable, so it can all go back to it's original form at any time. amazing!!! no wonder these were the first photos I scrapbooked when I got back from Stockholm!! (paper: cosmo cricket, sassafras, letters: cosmo cricket)

winter photos of my red hair. I luuuuurve old 70ies glasses, these are bought second hand in Berlin* (the photos are not real polaroids, I print them at home, and leave the white strips...) (paper: sassafras, letters: october afternoon, film strip: tim holtz)

more Stockholm, these are images from Södermalm, an old working class area that are now filled with fun, little stores, cinemas, cafès and the likes.... I like the mood of Söder a lot, you can just walk the streets up and down and always discover something new! (paper: cosmo cricket, sassafras, letters: cosmo cricket, rose: prima, rub-on: sassafras, tag: tovetyll)

do you like them? i have more to share soon, need to edit the photos first!
today I paid a little visit to the University, I learned that as soon as I feel my work is finished, I can just hand it in, and I will have my degree... (well almost, there's also an oral test, but that's just to talk about what I have written, I don't worry much about it). it feels strange to be so close, and still, I feel there's a lot of things in my paper I want to change, before I declare myself finished.... weird!! I'm planning a little party when it's all over, I feel I deserve cake and ice cream by then.
I also have a new blog feature, wednesday give-away! the last wednesday of every month, there will be a giveaway (yay, you guessed it!) wednesday are middle week boring, we need something extra to cheer us up! stay tuned tomorrow**

Monday, April 26, 2010


do you like my new header? the red background is the tabletop of my desk***

there will be lay-outs tomorrow, promise! xoxo

new desk means lovely chaos!

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend carried my new desk home, together with the red chair, that I already heart so much! lovely, lovely, but it also means that my place is MESSED UP lol and I seriously need to go through all my stuff, to see what I really need and what I can store at my mum's... that's actually a really good feeling, I like to clean up my life and get some overview!

below is my flat with the old desk...

as I wrote earlier, I love it a lot as well, but I love the new one even more!! the new one is also smaller, so it will give me more air!

new desk+big mess+lots of stuff on early morning cell phone photo. Now, I realise my tv-table doesn't fit with the desk at all.... maybe it has to go as well?? ha ha maybe everything has to go... will keep you posted!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

happy sunday*

some fun I found in Stockholm* (I was there about a month ago wheeeee!)
hope colours and the good old style will put you in a good mood! this all reminds me of amelie...sigh*
me and my boyfriend went fleamarket-shopping againg today, sundays are even better than saturdays, as everything is so cheap, and the market is less crowded. anyway, yesterday I spotted this really cute, 70ies desk (or maybe late 60ies...). I wanted to take it home, together with my red chair, but came to my senses and waved goodbye to it. I assumed it should have been sold by today, but no, the desk was still there, waiting for me. it was destiny, right? I couldn't do anything but take it home. of course, yesterday I was so reasonable, thinking I already had a good working table that I like a lot....and that there's no way I can fit in one more piece of furniture in my small flat. today, I have decided to put my already existing table away for a while, changes are good. I'm a girl who grow tired of things quite fast, I need to re-decorate, so that's what I till do. promise to give you before and after pics, and of course the desk itself! (still no cable, will go home tonight I think, then there is hope!) (btw I want get rid of the old table, just store it for some time, so don't worry, it want be sad, thinking I don't love it anymore!)
did you do anything fun this weekend? I've had the entire saturday AND sunday off with my boyfriend, we have been so lazy, doing what we feel like all the time, it so good just to be together! do you like flea markets? what do you usually shop? I'd love to hear your stories!

don't you just love old mechanical toys? I do!!!:))

Saturday, April 24, 2010

all spring here today!

thank you so much for the background-help, I found one, and even managed to cut and paste the code, it was really easy! I will make a new banner for my blog soon, and update links and so!

today, it's all sunny and sweet here, me and my boyfriend just got back from flea market shopping, I found the cutest, red chair, will sheer photo tomorrow, I don't have the cable for my camera here. here's some photos from my kitchen, I found so many cute boxes, glasses and table cloths in Stockholm (most of it is from Lagerhaus), so my small kitchen corner got a little makeover. hope you enjoy the 70ies feel**

tonight, we're making home made pizza, yummi! have a great weekend, love xoxo

(ps this is my fisherman and his wife. they are Figgjo, one of the most stylish brands ever, and was a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother. they used to hang in her kitchen, over the stove, and now they are in my kitchen.)

my locker for fun.....I have another one for plates and cups and the useful things, here's the locker I need to decorate and make it cosy**

Friday, April 23, 2010

I love my boyfriend so much!!

so I made him chocolate cake* (the candles are Lisbeth Dahl)

(It's now official, I will start blogging again lol I have to give this blog a serious makeover, the photo of me is already dated, I'm blonde again, and we have no snow anymore... I would love some colours, how do you get the sweet background that everybody has for their blogs these days? I'd be so happy if anyone can teach me/tell me...)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm desperate to start blogging again!!!

Jeg har så mye morsomt jeg vil skrive om, men hver gang jeg gjør noe annet enn å skrive på oppgaven min, får jeg dårlig samvittighet... 18.mai skal jeg levere, etter det er jeg fri, og livet mitt kan starte igjen! ...jeg har så mange bilder jeg har lyst til å ta, og scrappesider å vise fram, og lyst til å lage blog-makeover og sy og tegne..... kanskje jeg begynner å blogge før tiden likevel, kanskje jeg ikke klare å holde meg!
fant disse bildene på flickr, de er rosa****
hvis noen av dere fortsatt er der ute og leser bloggen min, så pip en kommentar så jeg vet at dere er der! det blir blog-candy for å feire oppgave-innleveringen, så hold ut! (notat til meg selv!)
I really, really, really want to start blogging again, I have so much fun to share, but everytime I do anything else than schoolwork, I'm dying from bad concience.... my degree is due may 18th, and after that I'm free, and my life will start over! so many photos to shoot, so many lay-outs to share, I want to make-over my blog again, and sew...and draw.... maybe I will start blogging earlier than I first planned...I feel it coming...I don't think I'll be able to control myself now that I've started!
I found these photos on flickr, they are pink***
If any of you out there still reads my blog, leave a small comment, so I know that you are there, it'll make me so happy! I promise a blog candy when I have my degree, so stay tuned lol