Friday, January 8, 2010

wheee I'm going to Stockholm!!

my 50ies-60ies suburb architecture paradise*** just booked the trip online, it's a birthday gift from my boyfriend, from last year lol, I'm going in late march, just before easter.
my last trip was december one year ago, and now I want to travel a little closer to spring, when the light for photographing is better, and the daylight lasts a little longer.
and did I mention that Stockholm is also the paradise for old cinemas, buying books and books and even more books about all these places and houses that I love, thrift shopping, the best atmosphere, and lots of fun interiour shops, yahoo!! can't wait!! do you have any holiday plans?

(don't forget the blog candy either, still some more days! I'm so happy to read your comments so far, you really encourage me to blog a lot. and of course I'll ship overseas:)

(photos from various sites of the web; Vällingby, Blackeberg, Råcksta)


Miss Natz said...

Aw how cool! Well, if we are getting married this summer like I'm hoping, it'll be Hawaii and San Francisco for me, if not, who knows!

Thinkie said...

We don't have any plans at the moment, we're waiting to see what budget we'll have, maybe we'll go to England later in the year. But we did so much travelling in 2008 and 2009 that we have no reason to complain ;-)
One of the places we went, a year ago, was Stockholm! We had a great time, as you can see here:

Maybe you already know it and I'm not sure if it's still there, but there's a little kawaiishop in St. Paulsgatan, close to Slussen!
I really hope to go back there some day, we still have a few things to see/visit in Stockholm on our list! We really enjoyed Skansen, the Historiska Museet, the Vasamuseet, Gamla Stan... And I'm sure you already know the Nordiska Museet, considering your cutural history studies!

Lambi said...

Har nevnt deg i mitt siste blogg innlegg! ;) Ble så inspirert av å se på dien 10 LOer litt lengre nede på siden her igår at i natt scrappet jeg en LO hvor jeg "iallefall etter egen målestokk" har fått inn masse farger og variert stæsj, og jeg koste meg skikkelig! :) Har vel igrunn totalt ulik scrappe stil enn deg, men det er jo bare gøy og moro at man kan få inspirasjon av hverandre likevel! :)

Nina said...

Jo, Stockholm är en vacker efter att ha bott där i ett år, och efter att ha bott i Köpenhamn i 9 år så vet jag vad jag väljer! ;) Kanske skulle resa dit någon gång ändå, för din entusiasm för staden smittar verkligen. Tack!


Merete said...

Lucky you!!!

Anette S said...

Utenfor Råcksta sentrum er det vampyrer. Det har jeg sett på film :)