Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what to do when there's not enough space...

today I want to write about what to do when you so badly want to decorate your house....but have absolutely no space at all, and the place is so small you can't fit both a sofa and a bed in it at the same time.
my place is about 25m2, but I have big windows who gives me lots of light, and so, I'm inspired to make the best of it. of course, a big apartment would be nice, but I can't afford it, and it's fun to twist your brain to find clever solutions. here's some advice to smart decorating:
1. make sure you only keep stuff you really, really like, and want. you don't have to throw away all the other things, but it can be stored at your parents, in the garage or anywhere convenient. if you don't want to read a book again, you don't have to keep it in your book shelf. if you never invite 12 people over for dinner....you don't need dinner plates for 12. it's the everyday stuff that's important.
2. rotate your displays. if you love making small stillebens of f.i. fawns or mushrooms, then make them, but you also have to realise that all your decorations can't be up at the same time. keep your display there for a month or so...then change it to something new and fresh. if you love to shop new things, then this is the way to do it.
3. put shelfs on your wall, and put all kinds of fun stuff on them, that you can't find room to store elsewhere. if you haven't any more floor space for furniture, walls are perfect.
4. sort your books by size, not by colour or theme, this will save a lot of space!
5. when your closet is full, put away the seasonal clothes and store them somewhere else. you don't need woolen sweaters in the middle of summer. in other words: your clothes will rotate with season.
6. to create the perfect mood, change the elements that are easy to change; curtains, pillows, small lamps etc etc you will feel like your home is brand new, and you can even use the pillows when you go to sleep later.
7. look for furniture with more than one function; f.i. a sofa that turns into a bed at night. a desk that is also a storage space etc etc.
I will be back with photos from my little place, to give you some more ideas!!
***ps on friday, there will be an update on my etsy, stay tuned***


Thinkie said...

When I lived in a 19m2 appartment in 1999-2000 I just left part of my stuff with my parents ;-)

Later I lived in a 48m2 appartment, which was fine (especially when I got a new balcony of 12m2!), but it became a little on the small side when the cat, the bunny and I had to share with my husband (boyfriend back than). We didn't have a livingroom, our 14m2 kitchen was our livingspace, when we had guests we all sat around the table (that also functioned as a dinnertable, desk and scrapbooktable), we didn't really miss having a livingroom!

Now we have a 70m2 appartment since early 2007 and we're really happy with all this space (althoug we miss our big balcony, have a smaller one here, same goes for our bathroom) but nevertheless it's getting full, with mostly my scrapsupplies, books and photoalbums to blame ;-) So I'm purging all the time and making sure we really use the stuff we do have!

I really like bright bold colours, but only one per room and combined with white, black and a light woodcolour. I have liked this for many years so all our furniture fits into that theme. The colour goes on some of the the walls and doors.

Your tip to use the walls is a good one, I've been doing this for a long time and often wonder how people with a lot of empty wallspace can complain about lack of space ;-)

Lambi said...

Det var mange gjennomtenkte og gode triks for å bruke all plass bedre! Kanskje noen av idéene adopteres,hehe. Har 60m2 leilighet jeg altså så ikke så liten plass men dårlig romløsninger og lite veggplass og for lite oppbevaringsplass...noe ejg stadig prøver å finne ulike løsninger på! :)