Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been scrapbooking today, this is one of the lay-outs I made, and so, since I was asked to do tutorials, I will try to show how this lay-out ended up the way it did. hope you enjoy it*

this is the supplies I use the most; big scissor, small scissor, glue stick, scotch,
glue dots and needles.
first, I pick my photo, then I start looking through my papers. that's really my most favourite part of scrapbooking!

I pick out different paper that I feel will fit the mood of my lay-out and the photo. (the mood is always the most important to me). then, I try them out, and decide which one is best. here, I chose the green one, as the red one was to bright and ate the photo, the the blue one was too light.
then, I start looking through what embellishments and fun stuff that might fit the page.

at this point, it's already time for a strawberry/banana smoothie:):)
I start my page by placing the paper and a few embellishments, the base of my page. here's some paper strips, lace and a piece of decorative tape. I'm a cluster scrapbooker at the moment, and here I create one cluster on top of the page, and a smaller one at the bottom. the photo will not be disturbed.

I thought I wanted some retro birds (to the right on the photo), but then suddenly I wasn't so sure anymore. I tried different things, and ended up with the great Marc Boutavant-stickers. aren't they just the best?

after attaching the little owl sticker, I feel there's time for a different structure, and buttons is the answer. then, I reach for my alphabeths...

and end up with these lovely October Afternoon letters***
your headline doesn't have to be big and bold, it can be incorporated in the cluster.
I also found these really old Heidi Swapp-chipboard, I think they were some of the first supplies I bought when I started scrapbooking. so happy to use them now!! I attach them with glue-dots, as any self adhesive glue is now gone lol
I like to put letters a little on top of each other. I didn't have more then one E, so I used a 3 instead.

so far so good. the bottom cluster is lacking something, so here comes my embroidery thread. I make the holes first, with the needle, then I just sew through the page. the thread is attached on the back with ordinary scotch.

still something is lacking though, I think a few rub-ons will look nice. I choose brown ones, as any other colour would look strange, even black would be to hard, the page is soft and dreamy.

I'm also attaching a bit of this insanely cool Tim Holtz filmstrip. (just use the glue stick, it won't show!)
below, my scrapbook table at this point:):)

almost there, but even though the paper is already distressed, one can never do enough distressing, so....I'm distressing a little more.
I roll the corners to create more life, and I use a sanded paper block to distress the edges. I place the paper by the edge of my table to get nice, straight distress-lines. (I also distressed my table...)
then, I finally ink the edges of the page with a brown ink pad. just a little, tiny bit, on this page it's important not to overdo it.

now it's just a few details lacking. a touch of colour, and some handwriting.

and the lay-out is finished:):)
did you enjoy it? please tell me if there's something you would like me to do again!!
(I will show you the other lay-outs I made later!)
the supplies used here, is: green paper - cosmo cricket, jack's world, brown paper - october afternoon, lighter brown paper - sassafras. film strip - tim holtz. letter stickers - october afternoon. alpha chip - heidi swapp. bird cage - hambly. fabric brad - basic grey.
other - decorative tape, sticker, lace, buttons


Miss Natz said...

This is so adorable and those stickers are very cool! I love your scrapbooking style!

Nichol said...

This is awesome!!!! Please do it again!


Thinkie said...

great page!

I have an award for you ready to be picked up on my blog:

McMGrad89 said...

Nice tutorial.

mAdi*cakes said...

i love the film strip. use that more often