Monday, January 11, 2010

a new week that starts with a winner!

thank you so much for all your comments on my blog candy!! I really appreciate your views, and I promise to do tutorials, fashion, scrapbooking, interiour and I will try to blog very often, almost every day! (I don't dare to promise every day, because things might happen...)

the winner of my blog candy random draw is....


send me your adress, and you will get candy in the mail:)

i want to start the week with some lovely 60ies photos from my mothers albums. I love the soft colours, the clothes, and the mood! also, square photos rock. I will try to get film to some of my old cameras, but I don't know if it's possible anymore. apart from e-bay, does anyone know any good links for things like that? film expire, so is it really possible at all? I remember my camera used film that were like a casette that was rolled up on every side, and the photos came out square. would love to try it again!
have a great day everybody, thanks so much for visiting!!

that's my mother with her birds, and my aunt. other photos show my mother and my cousin, my cousins a bit younger, my aunt and my uncle, some more family, and some of the children
at the orphange in Oslo where my mother worked.


Charlotte said...

Åhh så fine gamle fotos. Hvor herligt at se tøj, farver og tingene omkring fra dengang.

Og hvor er jeg heldig!!! Tænk at jeg vandt!! Tusind tusind tak, Tove. Jeg sender dig min adresse.

Kæmpe klem fra

Thinkie said...

Congrats Charlotte!

I worked with this beauty a few years ago:
It produced square photo's with pretty photo's that are focussed in the middle and a bit softer towards the edges.
Some specialist photographyshops still have films for camera's like these. They might have to send it to another country to get it developed though!

Nora said...

Du kan jo sjekke eller - kanskje de har eller vet hvor du kan få tak i?:)