Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I like to make my small home pretty*

yesterday, my boyfriend came over for a little date. (we date everyday, as we choose not to live together, we come to each others houses, and have fun, every day*). so, my boyfriend came over, and I wanted to make it cosy, as it's so cold outside. pretty, but so so cold. the 70ies tablecloth I found flea market shopping, and of course, who doesn't need marshmallows and flamingos in the middle of the winter??

this is my 50ies table from a few days ago, when I made foccacia with chicken and salad. I luuuuurve the napkins, and the plates, they're both IKEA, classic 50ies design is never wrong. these kind of things just makes me so happy. clean, functional and perfect colours. you can just imagine the 50ies kitchen in light blue, with smooth surfaces and enamel, inside the 50ies houses. I hope you all have some suburbs not too far from you somewhere, where you can go dreaming 50ies dreams. will find some photos for you soon to dream even more, and for those of you who doesn't have 50ies architecture at all!

one last happy photo: I have started my new, healthy lifestyle again after christmas, and everyday I buy lots of fruit, and never keep candy at home, if I have any candy at all, I eat it, I have no will power, so I buy only fruit these days. fruit basket, here it is:):)
have a sweet day everybody, don't forget the blogcandy below, it's still some days to go!!

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