Monday, December 28, 2009

what a lovely christmas present*

My mother-in-law gave me this vintage german childrens book for christmas, I can't think of a better gift, I was so happy, she really knows what I like, sigh** the illustrations are so beautiful, and the colours so sweet. I don't know the exact year it's from, it doesn't say, but it looks like 50ies something.
I speak only a little german, but my boyfriend is almost fluent, and so he translated everything for me. The little bears are going to the Bear school every day, learing more and more, about how to make bear sounds, about bees and honey, and about all the birds and animals in the forest.

I'm really into childrens books these days, they are so inspiring, especially the ones from my childhood, with really bright, clear colours. what's your favourite book from your childhood?


Lene - nabon said...

ÅÅÅ, så kul bok! Heldiggris!

Anonymous said...

Les hele bloggen, ganske bra