Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sweet christmas everybody*

I wish I had been better inspiration this fall, I have not been around as much as I wanted to, but I hope I can make up for it with my candy christmas tree.
this is actually the first year ever I feel like I have something like christmas traditions. like last year, I put up my white tree dec 23rd, while I decorate my window pane, clean the house, and finish the presents for my boyfriend. And like last year, my sweet sweet bunny is visiting me for christmas. he's running around my legs and eating paper bags. off course, the most exciting place is under the sofa, where I can't control what he's doing lol

I always used to feel lost at christmas. I have a sweet and loving family, but things have always been a bit chaotic, and nothing was settled, like a wished for. I wanted my mum to be in control, I wanted a warm christmas house, with the smell of baking and christmas cookies, and I wanted to be relaxed and feel comfortable. I never did. I lived different places after I moved away from home, but it never felt like I wanted to. this is the nicest home I've ever had.
I am so happy here, I have light and atmosphere, and I can make my own traditions.
I used to cry every december, because I didn't want christmas to come, I didn't want to envy everybody else what I will never have. Now I'm so relaxed and happy. I just had dinner, and soon I will eat so much caramel pudding that I'll die.
It's snowing here, it's been snowing all night, it's so white and beautiful, and later tonight, I will meet my boyfriend, we'll have a walk in the snow, and then go to his family, and have the best cosy, christmas evening ever.

I hope you are all very happy! I decorated my tree with pink ornaments and little birdies. Totoro is smiling in the top. Yesterday I made new stockings for me, my boyfriend and little bunny. and today I had a small photo session with my black and white little friend.
I wish you all the best christmas, I will put on my pink tights and keep smiling, because this time of year is so pretty***


Scrappelise said...

Kjære Tovetyll! Jeg håper virkelig at denne julen og alle kommende juler skal bli supergode for deg og han som er pen og barsk og k..! Store juleklemmer, varme tanker og mine beste vibber sendes over til deg! -->-->--> Fra Anne Lise

Bendichte said...

Herlig juletre og so cute rabbit!
Tusen takk for all inspirasjon og scrappeglede som du sender ut i vibber her og der!
God Jul til deg, Tove!
Juleklem fra Bendichte