Saturday, December 26, 2009

sorting everything out before christmas

I hope you all had a terrific christmas eve, mine continued to be lovely, and yesterday we just stayed inside and watched movies and ate candy. it was totally relaxing, and felt so so good. both yesterday and today it's been snowing like crazy, when I tried walking past our front gate today, the snow was up to my thighs ha ha it's fun really!!
before christmas I cleaned my place up and organized my work space. I put up new shelfs and had a great time making small, inspiring installations. here are photos, enjoy:):)

as I's so much snow! so much snow!!! and my windows are the prettiest ever!


_Kine said...

Åh, fine Care Bears-kofferten! Den så nesten antikk ut :) Ha en fin romjul!

Merete said...

Åh...så ryddig og fint du har det:)
Det nytter ikke her...jeg prøver og prøver, men det hjelper ikke altså...

Ha ei fantastisk fin romjul:)
Hils Trym:)