Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a little more of christmas...

all the birdies in my christmas tree! every year there is more birdies, they are all so pretty!

and some more mood trigging photos from my little place. the crib is from my childhood, real plastic kitch and cool. I'm not relegious, but the childhood crib brings good memories, especially the palm trees. mushrooms are never wrong either!
tomorrow I promise a really long post, with lay-outs from the past year, inspiring photos and 2010 plans, the first one is a give-away, that will happen one of the first days of the new year, so stay tuned!
see you all tomorrow**

don't you just love fat, little birdies?


Lambi said...

Ååå,så flott med så magne fugler i treet! Vi har kun 2-3 sånne flotte fugler vi! Bare digget glamingoene da.De var jo helt fantastiske! Godt nytt år!

Linda S said...

Titter gjennom bloggen din litt- mykje fint og fargerikt :) Tar med meg masse inspirasjon. Og sånn julekrybbe har eg også! :)