Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year!!

I really wanted a new picture for this post, but I couldn't manage any, so this is from earlier this fall, when I was still pink and happy lol
I've had a really good day today, got up early and had a fantastic walk home in the snow, while the sun was rising. then, it has continued to shin in on my little flat, and when it's light and beautiful outside, I'm so inspired and happy.

2009 has been a really fun year, but after opening our scrapbooking store in august, also crazy busy! christmas gave me some time to relax and catch up with everything, I have now new plans for 2010.
* I will not continue with my challenge blog 124-dynamite, who has been the quietest blog on the planet anyway lately. I have no time for two blogs, instead, I will post random challenges here, so stay tuned, I hope to find some fun prizes, and fun scrappers to show you.

* I will update my etsy once a month with new items. maybe it won't be crazy many things, but something cute and useful (?) (ain't anything we love looking at useful?) my etsy is not up at the moment, I'll let you know when it will be.

*I will show you more lay-outs! look further down this post, there are plenty:):)

* I will do more give-aways, they are fun!! (first one already in a few days!)

* I will try to be a good inspiration!

now, off to some favourite things:

my bunny! isn't he just the cutest ever???

BERLIN - my favourite happening of all 2009, it was so inspirational and fun, loads of retro architecture and thrift shopping, vintage everywhere, and I was there with my boyfriend! we had chocolate pudding every day and grew even more in love than ever (if possible). here's just a few photos, more on my lay-outs:)

my lay-outs! I have been scrapbooking a lot this fall, even though it hasn't excactly appeared so on forums and my blog. here's my favourites from the last six months. 2009 was the year I started distressing lol and where I sometimes didn't use so much colour, and when I was hooked on the 50ies, 60ies, 70ies wave....again:):):) it was also the year when I got cluster-crazy. (click on the photo to enlarge)
I realised that most of the photos I heart from 2009 are on my lay-outs, so enjoy:):)
happy lay-out from New York:) while I still was all crazy-colouring!

Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani; totally inspiring girls. paper from American Crafts, one of my all-time-faves!

Fam Irvoll makes the cooles clothes ever! more American Crafts paper.

the new sassafras-papers inspired me to do a happy lay-out with lots of things I like.

the first Berlin-lay out** the red letters are from October Afternoon, totally love them, I think I've used them on all the Berlin-lay outs. sigh**

polaroid camera found flea market shopping in Berlin. 2009 was also the year when I was hooked on those beautiful prima-roses, in all colours!

I felt like drawing, and I felt like using monsters. photo taken on Grünerløkka, downtown Oslo. don't you want a mailbox like this??

more Berlin, photo-booth pictures. (more to come lol)

then later in the fall of 2009, I started making lots of retro-lay outs. this one's from my dentist's lovely 70ies waiting room*

one of my favourites of the entire year. love the mood of the photo, the cluster and the old elements. these leather boots are maybe my best purchase of 2009. they costed 10 nkr on a local flea market. (1,5 $) and i wear them all the time. perfect!!

70ies tribute:):)

two more tributes, to 50ies and 60ies suburbs Blackeberg and Vällingby of Stockholm, Sweden.

living in the DDR. I know it was nothing to be happy about for the people who actually lived under the regime, but I love their architecture and design, still. paper from cosmo cricket, one of the brands I can't scrapbook without these days.

another favourite, swedish cinemas. love everything about 50ies/60ies, love the neon lights, love cosmo cricket (again!) love distressing!! (I even bought a paper distresser and an edge scraper!)

the last two lay-outs of 2009. both with berlin photos of course. I dreamed for so long about visiting the old photo booths, and finally I could travel there.
the first lay-out is made with glimmer mist (candy apple red), the last one with cosmo cricket paper from happy camper series.
I feel I will scrapbook a little more simpler right now...

that was my scrapbooking's some more fun from 2009. things I like, things I made, things that inspired me:

and all-time-favourite, 2009, 2010 or whenever, my sweet, coolest boyfriend, I really really love you so much!!

I'm sure he's with me in wishing everybody a totally happy new year!! I'll be back with a big blog candy in a few days:):)
xoxo from Tove** (and thanks for reading!)


Christine said...

åååh, for en SUPERINSPIRERENDE post! fiiiiiine ting :D ååååh, jeg ELSKER ELSKER ELSKER lo'ene dine altså! ingen scrapper som deg! får lyst å scrappe scrappe scrappe når jeg ser alt du lager.. men så blir jeg litt demotivert når jeg ikke scrapper halvparten så bra engang, hahaha! :D

ha et fint nyttår tove :D

LilleAsk said...

Så gøy å se masse LO'er fra deg. Dette er virkelig en inspirerende post og nå får jeg virkelig lyst til å scrappe litt igjen. Takk for at du deler og godt nyttår.

ania said...

Masse herlig eyecandy her!! GOdt nytt år!! :) :)

Merete said...

Godt nytt scrappe-år, Tove:)
Håper vi snart kan scrappe litt sammen igjen - det hadde vært gøy :)

Nora said...

Åh, alle de fine LOene! Har jo sett på mange av dem i butikken, herlige <3

Masse godt nyttår, vi sees sikkert snart :)

Sosa said...

Ønsker deg et godt nytt og herlig år Tove! Masse inspirerende å hvile øyet på her inne hos deg.
Håper det blir mer tid til å scrappe sammen i året som kommer!
Nyttårsklem fra meg!

Charlotte said...

Hej Hej søde Tove.
Sikke et flot, langt og inspirerende blogindlæg. Herligt med alle dine glade farver og 50'er, 60'er, 70'er inspiration. Det er altid hyggeligt at kigge forbi din blog - og det er så dejligt at du altid skriver så flot om din kæreste. :0)
Og så vil jeg også sige 1000 tak for dine blogbesøg og kommentarer hos mig. Det varmer og jeg er glad for at have mig en norsk bloggeven.

Rigtig godt nytår til dig og dine. Jeg glæder mig til at følge dig i 2010.
Stor klem fra Charlotte

ana said...

Ha!beautiful picture~Congratulations!

Thinkie said...

Your bunny is definately very cute but off course to me our bunny is the cutest ever ;-) (our Aafje is black and white too but more fluffy, you can see her here: ). Does your bunny roam free around the house 24/7 or only when you're at home and awake, like ours? (since I'm chronically ill and can't work that means Aafje often gets up to 12 hours of playtime).
Berlin is great, we were there in 2005 and hope to go back some day.
Your lo's are fab!