Friday, November 27, 2009

a color bomb to start the weekend!

really, this is the most amazing embossing powder ever!! and I'm not even embossing... guess this is the time to start! these are like candy, they seem so frizzy, I can just keep them and look at them, I don't even have to use them to be happy!
I hope you are happy to, I've handed in an exam today, and is dying my hair brown. will enjoy the weekend immensly!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

really, this is where time stood still!

I'm back from a crazy week, we were at scrapbooking fair with Scrappegodis this weekend, it's been so much fun, and a great experience, but today I've been totally off, so tired (but happy!) and I've been doing absolutely nothing useful, except from sleeping, reading comics, eating caramel pudding, drinking chocolate milk, and dying my hair red.
on a day like this, of course we need some 70ies input. (I'm of course still in total 70ies mood!)
this is my dentist's waiting room, it's so cosy, gotta love it!! especially the big bird, he's my friend! love the brown colours, the mirror and the fab lamps, I mean, it's fun going to the dentist, how weird is that lol