Monday, October 26, 2009

sweet october

I actually love fall very much, every year I'm surprised by it (because I heart summet so much, and it's so short here up north), but I do, it's cold and crispy clear, and full of colours!
I wish this photo was mine, but it's not, I just stole it off google, I wanted to show a mushroom so badly...

how are you all? I had the best time ever in Berlin, I will share photos, Berlin is the perfect 70ies/80ies retros city, they have an old photo booth, orange subway stations and lovely ddr-shops, with tons of crazy cool vintage stuff!
I'm planning to photo Oslos retro places as well, I know Oslo to it's inner chambers, it's my city and I love it, but lots of cool stuff is gone, it's hard to find the genuine cool places, like in Berlin. will share!
I'm also doing 70ies drawings....hope I can get these projects finished as I plan, not just dreaming about them.

I was also at the dentist last week, and he has the coolest 70ies waiting room, so that's something ha ha, love it, I'm so glad not all people are crazy about renovating, keep the old, it's the best! (and my teeth are perfect yahoo!! lol)

I have even scrapbooked, Berlin-photos of course, will share when I'm not on my boyfriends computer!

See you soon, have a great great monday!
xoxo Tove*