Sunday, September 27, 2009

knitting candy*

I started knitting last december, when I bought a lovely, pink book in Stockholm, teaching me the basics with fun recepies. then, in NY this summer, I found even more fun books, with even more crazy fruits and animals, and that was even more educational to my knitting skills. (when I had learned all of the terminology in swedish, then I had to re-learn it in english lol)

the books can be found here and here!

my tomato is not completely done yet, but the cat is! when I found the bright, pink yarn, I just had to get it! now I'm almost done with a funny, stripey guy with two blue heads, one small and one large. he's all done knitting, I just have to sew and stuff.

today is sunday, my upload to the new week, and I promise you something inspirational every day in the week to come, until saturday, when lovely boyfriend and I are leaving for Berlin***
we need a holiday together now, as we didn't get to travel during summer! I can't wait, I just KNOW Berlin is my kind of city!! have fun today,I'm going to hockey practice later!

xoxo see you soon!

tomorrow: home sweet home*


Ladybastard said...

hey sweetieeeeeee your new pages are super awesome! ^_^
i missed u so much! :D
your blog always makes me happy!
and the stripey guy is super cute ^_^
love youuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

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