Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've been scrapbooking*

is anyone still reading my blog? I do hope so, I have a feeling I will be a better blogger for some time now. it seems like my life has settled after the crazy august-opening store things... oh dear....I'm watching football as I'm blogging, and my team scored....FREDRIKSTAD***** don't give it away now, it's only six minutes left.... (sorry about that lol they need all the points they can get, they are soooo close to relegation!) my hands hurt from clapping so hard! (oh, and forgot to tell I'm all alone jumping and screaming on the sofa!)

anyway, I just wanted to say that I seem to have found some kind of rythm, that I am organized and even returning my library books in time! I'm cleaning and organizing my place, will share some photos soon!
here's my scrapbooking, I see now that the photos are terrible, I took them at the store, it seems like the lightning is better at home! will bring lay-outs home, and photo again!

this photo is from grünerløkka, what a lovely mailbox isn't it?? I lurrve the monsters from sassafras, had to use them!

and I'm also crazy about dots, I made three lay-outs recently, all with dots, the other two are white ha ha these photos are from new york, and I wish you could see how bright yellow and cool this paper is!

and more sassafras, I colourd some of the paper myself, it's really all b/w. sorry again for the hopeless quality of the photos, will do better!!
soon my lovely boyfriend will be home from work, we're making pizza tonight, I bought fresh mozzarella, garlic, and lots of other tasty stuff!
if you're still here, let me know, I promise to be back soon!!
wish you a gorgeous weekend** hug**


Scrappelise said...

So nice to see you and your colorful stuff again! And these lay-outs are just the things that make me happy! Sorry to say I have not had the chance to visit you yet in the shop, but I will be there sometime. Hugs!

Nichol said...

I love to see your new layouts!!!



_Kine said...

Hurra for ny Tove-scrappings! Digger spesielt den siste layouten :) Gleder meg til å ta i bruk de nye monsterarkene fra Sassafras, tror de vil passe bra til de hunderogørten bildene jeg har med Berlingraffitti :)

Gine said...

Herlig herlig Tove !!!!

Anonymous said...

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James Marcum said...

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