Monday, September 28, 2009

home, sweet home

some photos from my soon-to-be organized little place, I'm still working on getting rid of
too much things I don't use, and clothes I don't like at the moment, but tomorrow my friend will help me drive them over to my mothers basements. alla har en vän med bil, synger Håkan Hellström, og godt er det! (Håkan Hellström sings: everybody has a friend who's got a car, and thank heavens for that!)
I'm also planning to get shelfs for the shoes, so they don't have to lay in a pile like leather boots I bought on a flea market last week for 10nkr!! (that's about $1,5) very happy with them! I have jumbo feet, so I'm over the roof to find a pair of second hands shoes that actually fits lol
tonight I'm making a salad with chicken, cheese and tomatoes for the boyfriend date, we're setting up our tent in the garden, to say goodbye to summer. it will be a good tent-night!
tomorrow: a book I really really like*

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