Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I really really like this book!

the illustrations are fabulous, with so many pretty, funny details!! Moki is travelling around the world, meeting new friends everything, and there's even stickers coming with the book!!
have you seen anything sweet today?

Monday, September 28, 2009

home, sweet home

some photos from my soon-to-be organized little place, I'm still working on getting rid of
too much things I don't use, and clothes I don't like at the moment, but tomorrow my friend will help me drive them over to my mothers basements. alla har en vän med bil, synger Håkan Hellström, og godt er det! (Håkan Hellström sings: everybody has a friend who's got a car, and thank heavens for that!)
I'm also planning to get shelfs for the shoes, so they don't have to lay in a pile like now...my leather boots I bought on a flea market last week for 10nkr!! (that's about $1,5) very happy with them! I have jumbo feet, so I'm over the roof to find a pair of second hands shoes that actually fits lol
tonight I'm making a salad with chicken, cheese and tomatoes for the boyfriend date, we're setting up our tent in the garden, to say goodbye to summer. it will be a good tent-night!
tomorrow: a book I really really like*

Sunday, September 27, 2009

knitting candy*

I started knitting last december, when I bought a lovely, pink book in Stockholm, teaching me the basics with fun recepies. then, in NY this summer, I found even more fun books, with even more crazy fruits and animals, and that was even more educational to my knitting skills. (when I had learned all of the terminology in swedish, then I had to re-learn it in english lol)

the books can be found here and here!

my tomato is not completely done yet, but the cat is! when I found the bright, pink yarn, I just had to get it! now I'm almost done with a funny, stripey guy with two blue heads, one small and one large. he's all done knitting, I just have to sew and stuff.

today is sunday, my upload to the new week, and I promise you something inspirational every day in the week to come, until saturday, when lovely boyfriend and I are leaving for Berlin***
we need a holiday together now, as we didn't get to travel during summer! I can't wait, I just KNOW Berlin is my kind of city!! have fun today,I'm going to hockey practice later!

xoxo see you soon!

tomorrow: home sweet home*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've been scrapbooking*

is anyone still reading my blog? I do hope so, I have a feeling I will be a better blogger for some time now. it seems like my life has settled after the crazy august-opening store things... oh dear....I'm watching football as I'm blogging, and my team scored....FREDRIKSTAD***** don't give it away now, it's only six minutes left.... (sorry about that lol they need all the points they can get, they are soooo close to relegation!) my hands hurt from clapping so hard! (oh, and forgot to tell I'm all alone jumping and screaming on the sofa!)

anyway, I just wanted to say that I seem to have found some kind of rythm, that I am organized and even returning my library books in time! I'm cleaning and organizing my place, will share some photos soon!
here's my scrapbooking, I see now that the photos are terrible, I took them at the store, it seems like the lightning is better at home! will bring lay-outs home, and photo again!

this photo is from grünerløkka, what a lovely mailbox isn't it?? I lurrve the monsters from sassafras, had to use them!

and I'm also crazy about dots, I made three lay-outs recently, all with dots, the other two are white ha ha these photos are from new york, and I wish you could see how bright yellow and cool this paper is!

and more sassafras, I colourd some of the paper myself, it's really all b/w. sorry again for the hopeless quality of the photos, will do better!!
soon my lovely boyfriend will be home from work, we're making pizza tonight, I bought fresh mozzarella, garlic, and lots of other tasty stuff!
if you're still here, let me know, I promise to be back soon!!
wish you a gorgeous weekend** hug**