Friday, August 28, 2009

oh dear, it's been like more than a month...

and I didn't blog! now I'm hopefully back... everything has been crazy the past month, working with the scrapbooking store, it's been so much fun, and I haven't been able to share anything, since it was a secret....I haven't been able to scrapbook, and I haven't been able have real summer, but, summer's been so crap anyway, so it didn't matter. I love our store, I love working there, I just wish there was more hours to do all the fun stuff I want to....the days passes so quickly...

I'll share you some of my summer loves, now it's fall rain, but I like it, I still have my polkadot wellies and apple umbrella, I've given up on summer anyway... my sweaters are out of the closet, and I'm wearing my small skirts with tights under them, and woolen socks. yum*

here's my faves for now, even from the pink strawberry treat and beyond...

1.New York city that was so much fun, it's already two months ago. I loved the atmosphere and friendly people, but I do have to admit I love the european way, the grey suburbs and simple, 50-architecture....I'm going to Berlin in October with my boyfrien, I have to admit I suspect I'm gonna love Berlin even more, I've already found 30-ies cinemas to drawl over, one of them even has an old b/w photo booth inside. take me there now, sigh*

2. Japanese candy!! oh my, I love it for my scrapbooking!! you can get it from our store, it's to die for, too pretty, there are little fawns, waffles, strawberries, hello kitty..... thank you Yuriko, for providing us with such great goods!!!

3. our scrapbooking store!! I'm a manager now, I run a store, but thankfully not alone, we are two who's in it together lol Scrappegodis (Scrapcandy) is just as much candy as I would like, and more is to come, there's so much goodies in the mail, some is arriving next week already!!

this is Trevor, the flamingo. he lives in our store too*

I luuuuuurve the pink wall, I want to die for it!!

4. collecting card with old cars! found them at my dad's this summer. wow, I'm in love again!!

5. these girl's style!!

Kate Perry! and Fam Irvoll's clothes, I wish I had money to buy them!!

6. one of the few creative things I've been able to do lately... my first kit for Scrappegodis. will post pics of the tags that comes with it later. there are cut outs, journaling cards and an alpha, if you want one, send me an e-mail:)

7. knitting. I can do it!! I've knitted a tomato, a carrot, a sea star with twelve arms, an earth worm, and now I'm doing a stripey, pink cat with loooooooooooong tail. will try flamingo later. this photo is from my first project, the tomato. I did knit this winter, I did some smaller projects from a swedish book, but now I've had to learn to knit again, in english lol I bought two books in Boston that are too funny, will try the flamingo later:)

8. this little monster I made for my friends birthday! he says hi to you all!

it's still early, I will hit the shower, and then have breakfast with my boyfriend:):):):) we have lots of homemade pizza left from yesterday, and I'll make strawberry smoothie.

then, I'm off to work... life is strange, so much has happened this summer....I'm getting closer to one of my good friends, one of my best friends split with her boyfriend through 10 years.... I'm with my love, we're having more fun than ever, I'm a business woman, I go to work everyday....this fall, I will finish my education, I will have a master degree from the university...but then what? I still only want to work in the store....
will blog more soon, will share some projects. have the best day, all of you!!xoxo