Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a little home update...

today I've had a totally nice home day, my boyfriend is at work, and the last weeks, I've been working so much with everything in our shop, so now, it was really so good to clean up my place, get organized, catch up on my e-mails (ok, and some store e-mails lol) and cutting my hair. the ends were too dry and with no life, they had to go. did it myself, it's fun.
all my hair clips, bands and fun also got a new home, in this lovely bowl.

my yarn and needles are now also organized, they've moved into this elephant bag....

and I've ironed my newly cleaned dresses and made the closet look really nice.

and this morning, we realised poor Domo had a rough start to the day" my picture of the lovely alps had fallen on his head, look how he's screaming! thankfully, monkey is really comforting!

yes, I had a relaxing cleaning up day, the only thing that is not under my scrapbooking desk lol it's been struck by some unknown I will store-blog, our goods are starting to arrive, and I'm making lots of fun stuff to be sold only at Scrappegodis!
how is your summer? are you having fun? there's rainy here, but we have strawberries and raspeberries in the garden, and my tomatoes are growing every day.
hopefully see you soon, wish I could share my scrapbooking, but it's all for our store, you will see it by august 15th!!
xoxo Tove*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm soooo busy..:):)

and it's great fun, but time is flying, and I realised I didn't blog for a looooong time already! I can't promise better times, but maybe, I'm really occupied with our store, I'm searching special items for us to sell, scrapbooking examples with our products, and I'm designing kits and tags for the opening. I can't share anything yet, but I will try to show you fun stuff whenever I find them! here's a garden gnome that suddenly moved into my garden, my landlords brought him home, and he made me really happy. now they've gone on holiday, and I assume he's left inside the house, since I can't see him...
I wish for my own gnome, today is my birthday, so I told my friends...I want a garden gnome! we'll see, I'm not having a big party today (you know, I already had one, a week ago, great garden picnic). my boyfriend is at work now, but when he's home, his mom is making a little celebration for me, she's so sweet, and even later, we'll have a little party, just the two of us, with lots of strawberries and a very late night!!

I hope you all are very happy, talk to you soon!! xoxo