Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pink post

it's been such lovely summer here this weekend! today, the wind is back, and it's not that hot anymore, but still sunny and inspiring:) thought I'd share my favourite smoothie recipe for this gorgeous time of the year! (and I swear, it makes you wanna scrapbook!)

2 handfuls of frozen strawberries
enough rasperry drinking yoghurt to make the strawberries blend
one banana
the juice from one orange

put it in your blender in this order, and you will be so happy**

here's some japanese candy I bought, I was walking peacefully in tiny Oslo, when I suddenly spotted a japanese store!! (at Majorstua, can you believe it!) these Pocky were delicous (I need to check my spelling...) and in my fortune cookie, it said I was ready for a big travel ha ha and I am, going to New York in ten days!

still, I'm the crazy scrapbooking lady, will share more lay-outs tomorrow, now I have a painting to do, and then I'm off to visit a friend, we have very cool, secret plans**

see you xoxo


Mona said...

Har du smoothieoppskrift uten appelsinjuice å dele, også? ;)
Tror jammen jeg må en tur til Majorstua neste gang jeg er i Oslo!

Siri said...

Hvor får du tak i bringebær drikkeyoghurt?? Oppskriften så veldig god ut, jeg vil lage!